Edwards County and head coach Russ Gerlach will be kind of like the title of a John Lennon song as they will enter 2019-20 “Just Like Starting Over.”

The Lions sent away the majority of their production to graduation, with Justin Wallace, Cade Schnicker, Marty Schmittler and Cade Rivers all hitting the road.

All of those players were in double-digits in scoring last winter.

The good news is that Edwards County will be 1A but they will have to get the “new kids on the block” to improve each day to be a late season key element in the state tournament equation.

One senior starter that returns is 6-foot Camden Cowger as our only returning starter.

He has started for two seasons for the Lions.

Andrew Rotramel, a 6-foot-4 senior, tore his ACL during baseball season last spring and Coach Gerlach is hoping he will return in January.

After those two, it is rookies on the varsity level.

Coach Gerlach mentioned three seniors; 6-foot-2 senior Brockton Greathouse,
5-foot-10 senior Jordan Brock, and 5-foot-10 senior Anton Linder.

Six-foot-three junior Ty Schmittler will get some PT along with classmates 6-foot Eli Berger, 6-foot Jaedyn Millman and 5-foot-9 Cole Fishel.

Three sophomores; 5-foot-7 sophomore Alex Calverley, 6-foot-1 Dylan Rhodes and
6-foot-3 Kaden Cowling made the varsity grade.

“We will play a very tough schedule. The past three years, we have been 2A. We scheduled up in our tournaments. We are headed to the Capital Classic. I'm sure all four of those games will be tough. I don't think there is an easy game in our conference this year,” said Coach Gerlach. “First thing we have to do is figure out who and how we are going to score. We tried a few different things this summer, and we need to figure out what will work best for us. Kids who were role players the last year or two need to be more assertive. Also, we don't have three guys who cleaned up the boards last year. We have to get everyone to the glass, and not rely on two or three kids to get them all. Last, we have to get more focused on defense. We have kids that can play well on defense, but we don't maintain the intensity needed yet. There will be lots of growing pains this year, but I think playing a 2A schedule will have us ready for our first year back in 1A.”

OUTLOOK – They will likely have the most inexperienced team in the conference but by the time the regional rolls around the Lions will have a chance. Being 1A playing against mostly larger schools has its benefits.


Lawrence County "Capital Classic"
Enrollment: 285 (1A)
D6 Cisne
Conference: Black Diamond East
D10 @ Flora
Colors: Red/Black
D13 @ Hamilton County
Head Coach: Russ Gerlach
D17 Lawrenceville
2018-19 Won/Loss Record: 14-14
D20 Fairfield
State Tournament Result:
D26-28 Eldorado Holiday Tournament
Lost to Flora, 47-45
J4 North Clay Shootout
@ 2A Mount Carmel Regional.
J10 Johnston City 1
J14 Carmi-White County l
J17 Eldorado l
J20-25 Carmi-White County Invitational l
J31 @ Wayne City l
F4 @ Carmi-White County l
F7 Hamilton County l
F8 Benton "Rich Herrin Shootout" l
F11 @ Johnston City l
F14 @ Fairfield l
F18 @ Red Hill l
F21 @ Eldorado 1
F24-28 IHSA Regional TBD 2