Vandalia to play at Benton Invitational


The Vandalia Vandals are heading to the Benton Invitational Tournament beginning in 2019-20.

For the last three seasons Vandalia played their mid-winter tournament at Morrisonville in the Mohawk Classic.

Vandalia will replace Carlyle, who has left the BIT to go play its mid-winter tournament at the Okawville Invitational Tournament.

"I feel like the BIT is one of the tournaments that has very tough competition. And at this time we feel it is a good move for us and where we want to go as a program," said Vandalia head coach Brian Buscher when ABV asked about the switch. "Sometimes programs need to make changes to their schedules to make it tougher if they want to keep improving. This tournament is one of those tournaments. If nothing else, it will prepare us for games when it gets physical and make us better prepared to handle adverse situations."