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My name is Jack Bullock and I'm the Editor/Web Publisher of A Baseline, a website I have been maintaining for boy's high school basketball for 20-years now.

It was yet another outstanding year in 2017-18 at ABV.

With over 100-games witnessed and over 70-game summaries written, the basketball campaign was another success.

With the 20th annual Preview and the pages (featuring archives, rankings, schedules, scores, shootouts and tournaments) ABV continues to thrive and its popularity grows every year.

However none of this can happen without advertising help from businesses like yours.

By purchasing an Advertisement on my website, it will guarantee you two things.

1. Traffic to your own business website.
Your Ad on my website won't get you a lot of traffic during the summer months but this fall and winter you will get at least double the views you are getting now. All Banner Ads are direct links to your website home page.

2. Your name will be associated on my page with high school athletics (basketball) in southern Illinois and that is important.
The people of this area follow high school sports scrupulously and basketball is Number One. A large number of those fans frequent my website throughout the year.

If you run a business that is more than just local, I can help you reach potential clients that you are not reaching now with my Platinum Plan and my Gold Plan.

The Platinum Plan will get you on my “Home Page.” It is the page that gets the most traffic.

My Silver Plan is a smaller plan and is targeted at local teams only.

My Bronze Plan is for just your local school.

Between my site and my Facebook page, that also sends people to my page, you will get your name out in surrounding counties.

All of the teams in the ABV area (100+) will each have their own home page which has a preview of the upcoming season and the varsity schedule.

An Ad on my website will put you on all of the preview pages of every school in your immediate area that I cover (1A and 2A schools and some 3A teams).

The larger the plan, the more pages your ad will appear on.

If you have any questions, please call me at 618-731-6324.

This website isn’t about the fans, the coaches or the schools themselves.

It is about the children who work hard and develop into good players and good citizens.

This is one of the reasons that A Baseline View is still going strong heading into my 21st season on the web.

Southern Illinois has many loyal basketball fans who are also involved in business and are able to help people like me do the continued important chore of covering the best high school sport in America – Basketball.

The biggest part of my advertising dollars that I take in goes back into the sport. It covers my costs for new equipment, travel expenses and the countless hours of time it takes to do what I do.

In 2017-18 I drove 7,400 miles going to ball games, including my annual trip to Peoria for the state finals in March.

I hope that you take this opportunity to join the ABV Advertising Family at this time.

I cannot thank you enough for not only helping me but also supporting the many great athletes in southern Illinois.

Thank you.

Jack Bullock
Editor/Web Publisher

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